Our Mission

The TGYLL is the governing body for girl's lacrosse teams at the youth level in North Texas. The league is currently comprised of approximately 20 girls programs. The league includes community programs and private schools.

The primary mission of the TGYLL is to grow the sport and maintain the integrity of the league, providing a level playing field on which teams can experience the game of girl’s lacrosse. The foundation of the league is its by-laws, which establish rules for team and player eligibility, while striving to provide opportunities for all girls who would like to play lacrosse in North Texas.

who we are

  • The Texas Girls Youth Lacrosse League is the governing body for girls’ lacrosse at the youth level in North Texas. The youth level is defined as grades one through eight. The league’s Coordinator(s) and Board are comprised of volunteers.

  • The TGYLL shall be comprised of member programs fielding teams within the League. League teams shall include only those approved  by the Board of TGYLL. Members are required to provide proof of insurance and pay referee(s) and referee assigning fees in a timely manner to be able to vote on any League issues.